When choosing a hard wearing carpet, make sure it is made using a 2 ply yarn and at least a 10th gauge construction.

Woven Carpets

Weaving pile yarn and backing together is the traditional way to manufacture carpets. Woven carpets keep their appearance for longer and are very hard wearing but are costlier than tufted carpets. There are two types of woven carpets: Axminster and Wilton.

Tufted Carpets

Most carpets sold today are tufted. They gained great advantage on woven carpets due to the fact that they are quicker and cheaper to make. They are made by inserting pile yarn into a polypropylene backing fabric and then adding an extra protective layer of jute or polypropylene backing.



Wool is the most widely used fibre and is recognised as being the best because it is soft, springy, naturally easy to clean, will retain its texture and appearance for many years. Wool is naturally flame resistant.

To make sure that you are buying a carpet made with quality wool , always choose a carpet with a Woolmark guarantee.

Man Made fibres

Man-made fibres have grown in popularity in recent years, mainly due to the rising price of wool. Some of the most popular man made carpet fibres are nylon, polypropylene, and polyester.

  • Nylon is the king of man-made fibres. Being very hard wearing makes it ideal for use in carpets intended for heavy traffic. It costs less than wool but it lacks some of the long-term benefits of wool. Nylon is often used in good quality wool blended carpets in proportions of up to 20 % .
  • Polypropylene the cheapest man made fibre. It is naturally stain resistant, but may flatten quicker than nylon or polyester. It can be dyed in an almost infinite number of colours and, depending on the dyeing method, it can be bleach cleaned.
  • Polyester wears better than polypropylene but it still flattens quicker than nylon. To achieve a durable carpet, polyester is made in high-density cloths. It is not as stain resistant as other man made fibre but it can be easily treated with stain protection agents. Being an absorbent fibre, polyester can be printed to produce stunning designs.

Still undecided? Visit our showroom or contact one of our carpet specialists for some free, impartial advice.

Natural carpets

Natural carpets are both durable and practical. They give you plenty of exciting new ways to create a new look and feel for your living space. They offer beautiful colour blends or solid tones to blend into your existing colour scheme.

Their natural colours and hues, reflect the landscape where they have been grown and harvested. With their thin latex backing, natural carpets will live and breathe in your home, ageing beautifully as their colour tones change throughout their life.

From the hills of New Zealand, the beaches of India, the forests of Asia and the deserts of Africa and South America natural fibre flooring brings subtle shades, rich tones, and exciting textures into your home.

We supply and fit the following natural carpets:

  • Sisal - practical and durable with anti-static properties and low
  • Grasses - they bring freshness and warm colour tones into the home
  • Coir - made of coconut husk, with rustic charm, tough and low maintenance
  • Jute - soft, golden and silky feeling, perfect for the quieter areas

If you need a custom size natural rug or runner, we can plan and have one manufactured for you.